Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YOU go back to biology.

Took a New York Times heath quiz, "How Much Do You Know About Your Body?"  I'm questioning the accuracy of the results:

"Go Back to Biology 101?"

YOU go back to biology, New York Times.  Your MOM should go back to biology.  Your FACE...

As a self-diagnosed hypochondriac with health issues that have run the gamut from impacted teeth and upper respiratory inflammation, to plantar fasciitis and foot surgery, biology is not my Achilles heel.  If there is one thing I can show from regular bouts of insomnia it's my deep knowledge of things that could physiologically be wrong with me.  I'm not talking about visits to WebMD, that's kid's stuff. 

If you're a hardcore-hypo like me, you're watching your own surgery, studying diagrams of the human eye ("It's 3:47AM--are you going BLIND?  Better find out!"), and evaluating whether you have AV nodal reentrant tachycardia or if 5:00PM is simply too late to drink coffee.

So yeah, your FACE, New York Times.