Monday, February 21, 2011

You're Soooooooooooo Smart

Do you guys use to track your finances?  I sooooooort of do, in that I signed up for it and never log in, but every few days the system sends you status updates and they're really MFing dramatic about it:

Let's take a second look at that figure they've interrupted my day to tell me about:

Srsly, Mint?  WTF?  You MFing EMAILED me to tell me I owe another seventy-nine cents?  79 cents.  Seriously.  No, seriously, you emailed me to tell me that?  Seventy-nine cents is, like, the least of my worries, dude, you are WASTING my MFing time.  Seriously, Mint, you're an asshole.  You're like the Nelly of email listserves, sniveling into my inbox like you know it all.  79 cents?  I can dig that out of the fucking asphalt.  I got "hit" with a finance charge?  COME ON!!!!!!!

Mint, like Nelly, so fucking proud.